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MOLE pub and galley

The MOLE is a pub and galley for anyone who sometimes yearns for the freedom of the seas. It's where pirate families meet for an evening meal, land lubbers come to enjoy a breath of fresh sea air and Jack Tars gather to watch a football match. Many a seaman's yarn has been spun over a beer or gin in the pub and you can order a hearty meal from the ship's cook in the galley. It doesn't matter if you have travelled from afar or are in your home port - there is something for everyone here.

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  • More than I expected. I'm excited about this hotel and will tell everyone who is travelling to Münster about the Factory Hotel. private traveller, 50- 59 years old

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Tues-Thurs from 5 pm till midnight
Fridays from 5 pm till 1 am
Saturdays from 2 pm till 1 am
Sundays from 9 am till 8 pm
To book a table, please call +49 251 4188-760. 



Mole - Pub and Galley
An der Germania Brauerei 5
48159 Münster
T +49 251 4188 -760
F +49 251 4188-999

Arriving by public transport:
The no. 6 and no. 15 buses stop at "Germania Campus".

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